Why A Smoker Won’t Work At Removing Bees

There are many ways to remove a bee hive but people often get the misconception that smoke is one of the ways to remove bee hives. Smoke is not useful at all in removing the beehives; rather it can make the bees angry and might also attack you. Smokers might be useful for other insects but are not useful for bees. Although it can be used under some circumstances, not all of them. It is only useful for beekeepers for managing controlled colonies in bee hive boxes. A smoker won’t be useful in removing the bees from the structure. Read the blog to get more information about bee removal and why a smoker won’t work at removing bees. 

Smoker Won’t Work At Removing Bees

What Is The Purpose Of A Smoker? 

A smoker is used for tricking the bees into believing there is a fire. When the bees sense fire they first try to protect the honey which results in the ingestion of honey into the bees. They do this to protect their honey from the fire. Once the bees suck the honey their bellies become heavy and it becomes harder for them to travel from one place to another. Then it becomes easier for professional beekeepers to relocate their nests to a new place. 

Here Is why a smoker won’t work at removing bees:

The smoker is ineffective on a structure unless there is a large opening on it. If there is no large opening it is hard to remove the bees from inside. It might only help in tricking the bees to induce the honey but it won’t help in getting them out of the structure. And sometimes it might affect in the opposite direction and push the bees deeper from the walls of the house. Due to this, it might become harder for the beekeeper to remove them from their hives. If the bees enter a house through a vent hole or a gap or cracks in the wall, a smoker won’t be a good idea to get them out unless you enlarge the holes from where the bees enter the house. We hope this helped you to understand why a smoker won’t work at removing bees. 

To remove a colony of bees it takes much energy, knowledge and experience to handle them and get them out of the house. 

The Biggest Problem: Smokers Sometimes Make The Bees Aggressive

Although it is harder for a professional to get rid of the bees through smoking methods. Smoking might be useful sometimes but it can also be dangerous. Bees usually get aggressive when they sense any danger to their hives which results in them attacking the predator. So it is important for professional beekeepers to take care of smokers while using them. It will not only affect the bees but might also cause many problems for the beekeepers. It is suggested to wear protective gear before relocating the bees.

Call Professional Beekeepers- Safest Removal Is Possible

If you know why a smoker won’t work at removing bees and what will work it is good for you. There are many ways to remove the bees from the house but beekeepers know the best ways to treat them. You should compare and check the best bee removal company before hiring them. Check every detail such as price, experience and everything else. Here at Bee Wasp Removal Melbourne, we offer top-class bee removal services in Melbourne. We have all the best tools and techniques which allow us to give the best pest control services. Other than bee removal services we also provide wasp control services at reasonable rates. With a group of experienced professionals, we offer 24/7 emergency bee and wasp control services.