Wasp Nest Removal Melbourne Cost 

Deciding to get rid of wasps as soon as possible is always a good one for yourself and your property. But if you remove them on your own, it can be pretty dangerous. So, take professional assistance and know how much they cost. Generally, the wasp nest removal Melbourne cost begins at $60 in some companies and others at $120 and varies thereafter. However, the charges increase and exceed $300 if the wasps professionals encounter at your place are difficult to remove or aggressive. Other than the aggressive nature of wasps, there are many more factors that cause impact wasp nest removal costs. Read Wasp & Bee Removal Melbourne blog to know what those factors are.
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List Of Factors That Affect Wasp Nest Removal Cost In Melbourne

Size Of The Wasp Nest

To have a wasp nest in a property you live in can be a worrisome thing you always need to consider. Moreover, if you leave the wasp nest, then the nest becomes bigger. Hence, getting rid of wasp nests as soon as possible is very important. An increase in the size of wasp nests will burden you with more charges for their removal. This is because the task of removing them becomes harder even for professionals despite the latest technology they use. So, make sure to get rid of wasp nests when it is already smaller in size to save you from paying more charges.

Type Of The Infestation

The three common types of wasps that usually prefer to invade Melbourne properties are paper wasps, yellow jackets and hornets. From one wasp to another, these pests have different preferences when they plan to build a nest for themselves. Look below to know common wasp-type infestations found in Melbourne:
  • Paper Wasps- In Paper Wasps alone, there are 35 more species in Melbourne and other states of Australia. They build nests in areas that are easily accessible.
  • Yellow Jackets- Yellow Jackets are otherwise referred to as social wasps. These depend for their food on human food as well as other insects. Yellow Jackets look for spaces that are under the floor to build their nests.
  • Hornets- Unlike other wasps, Hornets build their nests in the basement as it is a low-key area, which is usually hard to remove. Hornets are mostly in orange colour with black patches over their body.

Accessibility To Wasp Nests

It is commonly thought that wasps build their nest in areas such as house awnings and backyard trees. Although this is true, it is not the actual case all the time because they choose any delicate area as their option. Nest accessibility plays a major role in wasp nest removal Melbourne cost. Places where wasps usually love to build their nests are floors, walls or attics of a residential or commercial property. So, charges are planned according to the wasp nest accessibility too.

Aggressive Nature Of Wasps

As we already mentioned above, the more aggressive a wasp is, the higher the costs charged for the removal of its nest. Because aggressive wasps sting any person that comes close in contact with their nest. Among many species of wasps, hornets are very aggressive as they are very protective of their colony. They become angry and aggressive when they feel threatened. So, it is riskier to get rid of nests such as wasps. Thus, if a thorough inspection gives findings about the wasps being aggressive, then more service costs are charged.

Type Of Nest Removal Service You Avail

There are different kinds of situations when people come looking for wasp nest removal Melbourne cost. Some look because of the number of wasp infestations and some others because of the wasp’s aggressive nature. However, it is common that you cannot stop availing of a wasp nest removal service once you notice a wasp nest in your location. But a thing you need to know here is that the cost of wasp nest removal depends upon the service you avail. For example, if you avail of an emergency service or a same-day service, experts charge you differently from that regular services.

Kind Of Method Used For Nest Removal

Estimation of the overall cost of wasp removal nests in Melbourne relies upon the kind of removal treatment implemented. Although wasps look similar in appearance to bees, the removal methods used are different. Because many wasps have different natures and some of them are endangered. So, they cannot be killed even if they build more than one nest on your property. Also, professional removalists make sure endangered wasp species along with their nests are safely relocated to another place. Note- assurance will be given that wasps’ nests are relocated to a terrestrial area.

Use Of Wasp Nest Removal Products

The variation in wasp nest types found in Melbourne is more than one. Hence, professionals also use tricky nest removal products to produce the best results. Depending on the nest removal products used, the costs drastically vary. The higher the infestation level, the more costs it takes to remove them as there will be involvement of many products. Also, the cost of wasp removal with eco-friendly products differs from that of chemical products. Because the use of chemical products for quick nest removal gives more effective results than eco-friendly ones but residues after treatment should also be cleaned.


Do you keep finding wasps around you and are worried about wasp nest removal Melbourne cost? You need not be worried about the costs when you rely on a trustworthy bee and wasp removal company. Once you contact them for pest control and removal services, they additionally get rid of beehives and wasp nests too. Wasp specialists have the right knowledge of where to locate the pests and when to use registered eco-friendly solutions against them. Also, if you are in emergency need of affordable bee and wasp removal services, availing of same-day service is recommended. Hence, book professionals today for high-tech bee and wasp removal treatments. hire us also for European wasp removal service.